Launched a new Website Mar 17, 2022

My latest project launched tonight, Municipal Watch BC it was started as a public service after a discussion with a community member from another municipality, though in part I hope to learn more about a vast sum of topics, & develop further tools to assist myself & others in hopefully making a positive change. I host a fair bit more detail in the websites mission statement, figured I’d quote it here “The mission of Municipal Watch BC is to try to provide the British Columbia community better tools for interacting with our politicians such as contact details, forms, different types of feeds, a place for good faith discussions on either what is being brought forth by our local leaders from either our municipalities in the newsletters they share or from the bills & discussions our local MP in Ottawa bring forth. Along with a place to study etiquette on accessing & distributing information, in the future this will also become a place to study travel details throughout BC along with local historical context plus highlight aspects such as municipal services amalgamation & cultural celebrations.”

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